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The Costa Rica Explore Journey

The Journey

Designed exclusively for the traveler who wants to visit several regions of the country and get a true sense of Costa Rica living!  We designed this Journey to touch your life in a special way. As you travel across Costa Rica we will stay in beautiful and unique lodging, enjoy wonderful food and wine pairings, along with options for all who have specific food preferences.  Whether gluten free, vegetarian, vegan, or not – this experience will bring about more awareness to you as we partner with local farmers, teach cooking classes in the evenings, and more!


This Journey is designed for singles and/or couples to enjoy several regions of Costa Rica.  For this itinerary, and to give the best experience, each week has a maximum of 9 passengers.  This more intimate and custom Journey will allow all who attend to have a unique experience, and address any COVID-19 specifications. 


All transportation and itinerary details are pre-arranged for the group. We arrange flights and an in-country private bus, all meals, serve projects, team time, and fun adventure options This week will be filled with activities to engage in and also provide time on their own.


Costa Rica is a signature location for us, where we customize every detail of every Journey to fit the individual travelers needs.

In its purest, most honest form, farm-to-table means the table is actually at the farm and cooks or chefs prepare and serve the food at the farm (even in the field), as in Outstanding In the Field events. These are often special meals or fundraisers planned as one-off events. Often a tour of the farm is offered, with the farmer showing and describing the methods used to raise the meat, poultry, fruits, and vegetables. As such, these are educational meals as well as featuring foods that are as local and seasonal as you can find.


Customized Journey to include:


  • * Yoga and mediation time each morning available
  • * Engaging in a meaningful local project
  • * Viewing wild monkeys, birds, and other indigenous creatures
  • * Your choice of adventures such as zip-lining, hiking the volcano, bird watching, rafting and more
  • * Comfortable lodging with our excellent local partners
  • * All meals included
  • * Private driver and Journey Leader


– Please register below and make your initial non-refundable deposit of $500.00, and choose your dates!
– Final balance of funds due 45 days before Journey start
– We can assist with flights to compliment the dates you choose

Quick Info

Or register below for the Journey dates of:
14 - Mar - 2021 to 21 - Mar - 2021
04 - Apr - 2021 to 28 - Mar - 2021
11 - Apr - 2021 to 18 - Apr - 2021
16 - May - 2021 to 23 - May - 2021

This Journey is customized specifically for the food enthusiast in mind. Healthy meals, healthy cooking, healthy living.


$1,885.00 *

*All meals, lodging (7 nights), all in-country transportation, day of adventure hiking the hanging bridges, specialty tours, and more. Please note that all Journeys are completely designed around the group size, expected learning outcomes, and activities you choose.

  • * price does not include flights, adult beverages, and/or additional adventures.
  • * price based on double occupancy (single upgrade available)


Environmental 50%
Local Community Serve 25%
School/Partner project 25%


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Horty Lago

Horty Lago started with the objective of raising awareness among people, since the demand for organic or environmentally friendly products is increasing every day. These products are 100% natural; and are obtained without using chemicals at all stages: from fertilizer, plant growth, production, and distribution. These organic processes are absolutely respectful of nature and people, and consequently, would bring a lot of benefits to your health.

Hacienda Rio Cote

The Hacienda Rio Coté Project (HRC) was established in 2007 to restore and protect rainforest land adjacent to the Rio Coté National Protected Areas in Costa Rica.

HRC’s mission is to reforest and preserve land that is contiguous with existing protected areas of the Rio Coté National Forest and in effect increase the size of a pristine rainforest environment. HRC’s goal is to maintain and extend natural biodiversity, preserve watersheds, reduce erosion and river degradation, protect animal and insect habitats, and preserve the primordial beauty of the tropical rain forests for future generations.



Tierras Morenas

Located in the northern region of Tilaran, Guanacaste, near the Nicaraguan border, Tierras Morenas is a classic farming village.  The nearby wind farm is one of the few modern technologies to reach this quaint community, where the people are friendly and welcoming.  In Tierras Morenas we assist in however your class is needed in this timeless village, whether it’s helping to teach English at the school, creating a sports program for the kids, painting a mural or building a playground.



Start off with lodging at the Arenal Observatory Lodge, followed by a private Lodge in the jungle.  Next stop, Playa Ocotal for walking on the beach and water activities. * each journey itinerary is custom designed. Please inquire as to the itinerary for the dates you are interested it.


Our private 27 and 15 passenger bus partners will accompany us on each Journey and stay with the team the entire week. Air conditioned, insured, and fabulous!


Hat, Sunscreen


Bathing Suit

Close toed shoes, toiletries



Arrival Day & Day 2

Fly to San Jose, Costa Rica ~ or Liberia Airport. Transportation will pick up the team and head to a partner hotel for debrief, team meetings, t-shirts, and overview of the week. Enjoy a wonderful meal before the Journey begins!

The next morning we will prepare for team adventures!  This may include a day of whitewater rafting, zip-lining, hiking the volcano, canyoneering, and more.



Day 3, 4, 5 - Sample itinerary

8:00am – Breakfast with Spanish lesson overview
9:00am – Depart and arrive at adventure or serve location
12:30pm – Break for lunch, team time
1:00pm – afternoon tour of local farm, coffee, pineapple tour – shop for fresh dinner items
4:00pm – Head back to base hotel for wine & local cheese/appetizers
6:00pm – Cooking class with local products and guides/instruction

Day 6, 7 - Adventure/Serve/Explore, Departure

Day 6 will depend on the Journey. TBA!

If at the beach, enjoy snorkeling or diving in the local hot spots. On this day you will have time off on your own, rafting, zip-lining, hiking, birding, boating, all areas have optional adventures for our Explore day! Day 5 & 6 will either be an additional Serve, Adventure, or a Departure Day.


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