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Fundraise for Your Journey


Are you excited about the possibility of joining a Service Journey, but wondering how you will find the funds? Don’t let that stop you! Join the efforts of many others and think of creative ways to fundraise.

Here is a PDF of the Led2Serve fundraising packet!

Fundraising can be a fun and enjoyable part of your Journey experience. Enagage with your local community, friends, and family with your effort to spread the word about your Journey and how you are going to serve others.

Remember that you are not asking for something frivolous. You are asking for support to allow you to participate in service work for a community outside of your own and make a difference in the world!

More Fundraising Ideas

  • Hold a garage sale and ask friends and family to donate items also.
  • Make arts and craft items to sell for your cause. Involve others who can promote for you.
  • Have a bake sale and sell cookies, pies, cupcakes or other pastries!
  • Write a good old-fashioned letter! Invite people to participate financially or by donating items you could sell!
  • Mow lawns, shovel snow or run errands for those who can't fit these chores into their busy schedules.
  • Organize an art show, raffle or concert with the proceeds going to your Journey.
  • Create a page or cause on Facebook or any other social media platform.
  • Host a 5K walk, run or ride to share your cause.
  • Work together with your team and collaborate on fundraising ideas.
  • Be creative! People have raised alot of money in all sorts of outrageous ways. You can, too!

Online Fundraising Assistance

There are a number of online fundraising platforms available for you to use. These include Volunteer Forever, GoFundMe and IndieGoGo. * Each site allows you to create a customized page describing your Service Journey and your fundraising goals. They provide an easy way to receive donations online.

Support from Organizations

Rotary Clubs, Kiwanis Clubs and other clubs may offer some funding to people planning to serve others. Contact your local club chapters and see if they are willing to support your efforts. Are you part of a sorority or fraternity? Do your friends or family members belong to an organization?  Speak with them, and see how they might be able to support your Journey.

Fundraising Packet and Letter

Many people are unsure about asking friends and family for money. However, this can be a positive experience. Start a letter-writing or email campaign. You could ask that your birthday, graduation or gifts come in the form of funds for your Journey. Begin by explaining where and why you plan to serve on that Journey. Share with them what interests you the most about giving your time to others. We encourage you to use the led2serve logo for your fundraising activities. Connect with us for a sample fundraising letters specific to your Service Journey.

Also, click HERE for a PDF of the Led2Serve fundraising packet!  This is a sample.

*Led2Serve does not endorse any of these agencies; we are just giving you ideas!

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