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Birding Adventure, 7 Days

The Journey

Wake up to the stunning Keel-billed Toucan, Squirrel Cuckoo, Montezuma Orpendola, Passerini Tanager, or Golden hooded Tanager…just to name a few of the beautiful birds you will identify! Do you enjoy travel? Are you Looking for an amazing Journey where you can make a difference in a local community and enjoy the sights and sounds of the most amazing birds of Costa Rica? This is a wonderful Service Adventure for you! This meaningful Journey is designed for the person who has a love of the outdoors and a heart to serve.


We will spend several days birdwatching and exploring the special areas of the country that we’ve grown to love over the past 9 years of taking teams. Birding locations during this Journey may include the Arenal Observatory Lodge, recognized as the #2 birding destination in Costa Rica with over 500 species of birds identified in and around their property and the Monteverde Cloud Forest, the most well known cloud forest in the world, which boasts 2.5% of the world’s biodiversity, including over 500 species of birds and an opportunity for you to view the panoramic Continental Divide.


You will feast on local cuisine, enjoy comfortable accommodations, and experience a true sense of Costa Rican life. Led2Serve organizes all transportation and Journey details before you arrive. This week will be filled with activities to engage in and also provide time on your own.

Led2Serve engages participants in hands-on service experiences while traveling in the USA and Costa Rica. Any and all skills are welcome, as you will choose each day how you are “led2serve” on a local project.  These service experiences are customized for each journey depending on the team. Details on projects will be determined after talking with the specific Journey Leader, assessing the needs of the community at that time and working with the group. Projects may include: painting a local school, construction, reading or teaching swimming, forest restoration projects, and more. Based on weather and partner availability, service experiences are subject to change.

Quick Info

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7 nights lodging

All in country transportation

All meals (excluding 2)

Journey Leader (bi-lingual)

Evening at the hot springs

Guided bird tours at Arenal Observatory and Monteverde Cloud Forest

  • * Excluding flight, 2 meals, optional adventures


Environmental Projects 29%
Instruction/Teaching 10%
Community Initiatives 25%


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Santa Teresa Norte

Santa Teresa Norte is a school we partner with in a rural community with 15 students. During our time there we will be engaged in a variety of projects you can choose from. Are you artistically inclined? Love music? Or sports? Each project is built around your desire to serve in a way that supports learning, education, relationships and community strategies. Ask for more details on how we design class trips to support this and other community partners.


Hacienda Rio Cote

The Hacienda Rio Coté Project (HRC) was established in 2007 to restore and protect rainforest land adjacent to the Rio Coté National Protected Areas in Costa Rica.

HRC’s mission is to reforest and preserve land that is contiguous with existing protected areas of the Rio Coté National Forest and in effect increase the size of a pristine rainforest environment. HRC’s goal is to maintain and extend natural biodiversity, preserve watersheds, reduce erosion and river degradation, protect animal and insect habitats, and preserve the primordial beauty of the tropical rain forests for future generations.

Tierras Morenas

Located in the northern region of Tilaran, Guanacaste, near the Nicaraguan border, Tierras Morenas is a classic farming village.  The nearby wind farm is one of the few modern technologies to reach this quaint community, where the people are friendly and welcoming.  In Tierras Morenas we assist in however your class is needed in this timeless village, whether it’s helping to teach English at the school, creating a sports program for the kids, painting a mural or building a playground.



San Bosco Lodge

Arenal Observatory Lodge


In country bus transporation, A/C, fully insured.





Close toed shoes for hiking



Arrival Day

4:00pm – Team Meeting
6:00pm – Dinner, review of Journey
* Schedule is created based on the size of your Journey and the type of Journey.
* All journeys and schedules are customized based on the location and type of Journey.

Day 1, 2, 3 - Community Serve Days

8:00am – Breakfast
9:00am – Depart or arrive at Serve Location
12:30pm – Break for lunch
1:00pm – Continue on local Serve projects
4:30pm – Head back to base hotel/camp
6:00pm – Team dinner and relax time

Day 4,5,6 - Adventure, Explore Day, Departure

Day 4 will depend on the Journey. On this day you will adventure as a team, have time off on your own, rafting, zip-lining, hiking, birding, boating, all areas have optional adventures for our Explore day!

Day 5 & 6 will either be an additional Serve, Adventure, or a Departure Day.

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