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Journeys Across Europe

Our European Journeys

Take a Journey with us to the cultural center of the world – Europe!  We customize Service Learning Journeys to France, Germany, Italy and Spain with a focus on integrating desired learning outcomes.  If your school is looking to produce to global citizens who understand that hands-on experiences are key to being more competitive when it comes time for college or entering the workplace, then our international Journeys are a must.

Whether it’s learning about WWII through visits to Germany and Normandy, France or the rich history of Spain through a visit to the Alhambra or the Prado, our European Service Learning Journeys are designed for students to immerse themselves in the many cultural influences that make Europe a top destination for students and adults alike.

We customize Journeys to fit any desired learning outcome and experience.  We tailor each and every Journey with valuable input from teachers so we can provide an experience which surpasses expectation, yet stays within your budget!

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