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Community Connections in Nuevo Arenal

IMG 2163(as written in the Tico Times: March, 2013)

2013 marks the third year that the international volunteer group Led-2-Serve returned to Nuevo Arenal to participate in projects benefitting the community.

For most college students, spring break means traveling to places like Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and Cancun, Mexico, for two weeks of partying and chilling out. The 26-member Led-2-Serve group included sixteen third-year students from Florida Southern College in Lakeland, Florida, who had more constructive ideas of what to do with their free time.

Dividing into work teams, the students and their Led-2-Serve mentors (coordinated by Vanessa Puleo) restored and repainted the metal roof of the high school, cleaned and painted chairs at the bullring salon, constructed a fenced play yard for pre-school children whose parents are working, and built a fence enclosure for the vegetable garden at the Asamiento school. Sonja Wagner conducted disscussions on nutrition at the school.

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Led2Serve Announces Partnership with Basket Brigade Central Florida

Non-profit teams up with Thanksgiving outreach event to serve over 2,500 families this year! 

“We couldn’t be happier,” says Vanessa Puleo, Founder and Executive Director of Led2Serve. “I’ve known Joetta Raylots for many years and know what a huge heart she has for helping others. We’re thrilled to facilitate the growth of this meaningful event. Taking a vision like Basket Brigade of feeding families, linked with Led2Serve’s mission to serve others, we will accomplish amazing things in the Central Florida area.” 

basket brigade Led2Serve, a Florida based non-profit organization, is pleased to announce a partnership with Basket Brigade Central Florida to lead the administration, planning and logistical execution of it’s yearly Thanksgiving food drive.

“We started Basket Brigade twenty years ago with the notion that one small act of generosity on the part of one caring person can transform the lives of so many people. We’ve grown this annual event to feed thousands of families. This new partnership will help the local serve event in so many ways. We can also now offer corporate sponsors the opportunity to give back to the local community through tax-deductible donations for Thanksgiving meals. We can only imagine this partnership with Led2Serve will allow significantly more families to be helped each year as a result,” said Joetta Raylots, Founder and creator of Basket Brigade Central Florida. 


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Be a Journey Connector

What is a Journey Connector? It's quite simple....and very fun. You are a connector of people to Journeys. Journey Connectors are one of the most important aspects of our organization. You connect us to others who share the same passion and vision in life.

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Responding to Harvey - Led2Serve adds Houston to USA Journeys

“Sometimes, you just need to change your plans. You need to press everyone just a little, encourage the team to think out of the box, and jump,” says Vanessa Puleo, Founder and Executive Director of Led2Serve. “We were not considering adding another USA location to our current Journeys, it wasn't in the "plan" but now is simply the time. No one can plan for something like this. We need to push ourselves. We can do it, and we should".

After watching the news and listening to stories of families hurting in Houston,texas the team at Led2Serve knew that adding another location to their already busy calendar needed to happen. It was a unanimous vote. While the organization is not equipped as a first reponse organizaton, they commit long term to sending teams to pre-determined USA partner locations. They know that in the coming years the people of Houston, and the surrouding area, will need ongoing support as they work to rebuild their communities.

Puleo and the team responded quickly when they realized the seriousness of this hurricane. They immediately reached out to leaders and colleagues in the Houston area to establish local serving partners, team lodging, and all necessary details to mobilize Journey teams starting this November. As additional dates are confirmed they will be posted on the Journey Calendar 

For more information, or to have a Journey customized for a team of 15 or more, please contact us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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