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Please send any questions not listed here to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

  • How do I register? +

    led2serve has a secure registration site. You must complete a "member login" profile to register for your Service Journey. Please note that each person must complete a profile seperately. For group registrations (15 or more), contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

    1. Visit the top left corner of any page on the website and select the blue "member login" button. Once you select this button choose "Create an Account."

    2. Complete the member login profile and submit.  TIP: write down the username and password you create!

    3. Once your member login is complete you will see a RED bar across the top. This will confirm your membership and ask you to LOG back in to register and join a Journey!

    5. Now you may Log-in using your username and password.

    6. Once you are logged in, simply go to the Journey, CampusServe, or evetn you want to join and select "go to registration form" (or you may scroll down to the bottom of the Journey description).

    7. Here, you will select the appropriate boxes, accept the liability waivers and submit for paymet (if payment is required).

    8. You will be directed to for your payment option. You do NOT have to be a member of paypal to submit a payment. See instructions for "not a paypal member".


    Please note, if there is a Journey Fee for your trip (or a deposit due) you will be taken to a secure PayPal site for payment during the registration process. Registrations are not complete without completing your deposit. Problems or questions about registering? Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • Why join a Service Journey? +

    • Learn a new hands-on skill
    • Experience a new culture or even a new location within your own country
    • Work and explore with a fun, adventurous team
    • Make a difference in the lives of others while traveling
    • Invest time in a meaningful way
    • Serve with your family and friends
    • Join an educational journey where you serve and learn
    • Try something new in a stress-free environment
    • Connect with others you know or meet new friends
    • Discover the positive difference you can make in the world
  • What experience do I need? +

    No experience is necessary to participate in any led2serve Journeys. led2serve projects are flexible and can accommodate all levels of skill and experience. A Journey Project Leader oversees the projects and not only guides you, but teaches you specific skills necessary for the project.

  • What does "Serving without Boundaries" mean? +

    led2serve was created to provide Service Journeys for everyone. Our "Serving without Boundaries" motto means:

    For those we serve: Everyone needs to be served in some way. We serve the widowed, the wealthy, the poor, your neighbors, friends, loved ones, strangers. We partner with other organizations to help with their serving efforts. Our intention is to serve everyone regardless of their belief structure, affiliations and opinions.

    For those who want to serve: We invite everyone to join our Service Journeys regardless of your age, skill level, gender, marital or personal status, whether you want to bring your children or not, past, belief structure, etc. Choose from our 3 Types of Journeys to meet both your desire to serve and where you want to serve. You can join any Journey anytime.  

  • Can anyone participate? +

    The only requirement to join a Service Journey is to have a heart to serve others. No other experience is necessary to join any led2serve Journey. We will ask you each morning "how are you led2serve today?" It is expected that you will generally be in good health. But, don't hesitate to register if you have some physical/health restriction as you are only expected to participate to the level of your comfort.

  • What does my Journey Fee cover? +

    • Lodging (based on double occupancy; singles and triples can be arranged)
    • Food (as noted in each Service Journey Description)
    • All logistical details necessary to guarantee a successful Service Journey
    • Journey Team Leaders and/or Journey Project Leaders
    • Daily devotional studies led by your Journey Team Leader (Service Missions)
    • Transportation (planes, trains and automobiles as noted in each Service Journey Description)
    • Adventure packages, tours, entertainment and other options based on Service Journey location
    • Donations to partner communities, organizations and service projects 
    • Materials for service projects
    • T-shirts and pre-training meetings 
    • Ongoing trainings as needed during your Service Journey
    • Translators or guides as needed  

    Your Journey Fee is used to cover the expenses of your trip. Any overage may be donated to our partnering communities. 

    Service Journey Descriptions are located on the Journey Calendar.

  • What am I responsible for? +

    • Travel costs to and from the Service Journey Location (as noted in each Service Journey Description)
    • Visas and passports, if required. 
    • Sleeping linens, pillow, as noted in certain Service Journey Descriptions
    • Health insurance and travel insurance (including emergency evacuation coverage)
    • All beverages (other than water)
    • Tips and gratuities (on agerage $60 USD for the week on Costa Rica)
    • Adventure packages, tours, entertainment and other options not included in your Service Journey
    • Meals on travel days (as noted in each Service Journey Description)
    • Country exit fee (Costa Rica - $29.00 USD)
    • 1 carry-on suitcase (per person) filled with requested donations on Costa Rica Service Journeys. You can read more about the luggage bag and the suggested donations HERE!


    Service Journey Descriptions are located on the Journey Calendar. All Journey Team Members are required to sign the led2serve Code of Conduct and Waiver of Liability forms. 

  • What about my donation for tax purposes? +

    led2serve is 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization and we can not give tax advice. If you have paid for a Journey for yourself, your tax person should be aware if there were goods or services exchanged. For example, if we supplied you with lodging, food, or a flight this should be noted. If you donted on behalf of a person other than yourself (such as a son, daughter, friend, etc.) and you did not personally receive the goods or services, your donation may have different tax benefits. Our tax ID # 27-0527880. You may use this, with receipt of your donation. You should locate a copy of your check, the paypal receipt, credit card statement or other means you used to pay for your Journey or donate to another. 

  • Where can I read specific details about my Journey? +

    Visit the Journey Calendar for more information on your Service Journey.

  • Do you offer a group discount? +

    If you coordinate a team of 15 or more people, typically your Journey Fee will be waived! This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with us if you would like to coordinate a group of people.

  • How do I get to my Service Journey location? +

    For National Journeys, you are responsible for getting to the location. This could include carpooling with friends, driving yourself, catching a train or bus, or flying.  

    For International Journeys, we frequently arrange group flights. However, you may always arrange your own flight.  

  • What are my accommodations? +

    You are not roughing it unless you want to! You will typically stay in a cabina, a hotel, a guest house or with a host family based on the type of Service Journey. As an organization, led2serve supports sustainable tourism and local community initiatives. Therefore, we prefer to stay in facilities that support local communities and families.

    The led2serve Co-founders have visited and stayed in each of the facilities where you may stay.

  • Can a Service Journey be customized for my group, class or team? +

    Yes! led2serve can customize a Service Journey for any group. Consider the following options:


    A Service Learning Journey

    • for your College honors students
    • for your High School International Baccalaureate group
    • for your Home School Association students
    • for your group from your Spanish immersion class
    • for your annual class trip 


    A Service Mission Journey:

    • for your singles ministry
    • for your pre-marriage class
    • for your worship team
    • for your college group
    • for your GriefShare group
    • for your youth group 


    A Service Adventure Journey:

    • for your 4H club, Girl Scout or Boy Scout troops
    • for your athletic teams
    • for your corporate leadership team
    • for your high school or college reunion
    • for your best friends "get-a-way" week
    • for your family reunion 


    All Service Journeys can be customized around your desired length of stay, team focus, dates, optional adventures, size of your team, and many other aspects that make your Service Journey unique. Join us for a rewarding and life-changing Service Journey! If you have any other questions, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • I loved my Journey. How else can I get involved? +

    led2serve and our community partners would love your support. If you would like to make a donation to any partner or project, please visit our Partner Donation page.

    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you would like to continue to be involved in our effort to equip, inspire and mobilize others local to global. 

  • What does a typical day look like on a Service Journey? +

    Each day will be unique!  Service Journey Team members must remain flexible. Prior to your Journey a detailed itinerary will be shared with you. Your schedule will be based on community partners and their current needs.  

    Each Service Journey begins with a team meeting and welcome meal. This is your opportunity to meet the rest of your team who you will be serving, learning or adventuring beside. During this meal, your Journey Team Leader will give detailed information about your Journey.

    Serving generally takes place for 4-6 hours on the days dedicated to service. Each Journey has time built in for excursions and time off so you may explore the area and cultural sites. 

    All Service Journeys have customized itineraries.  

  • How do I pay for my Service Journey? +

    led2serve Journey Fees are paid when you register for your Service Journey. Once you are registered for your Service Journey you will pay by credit card via PayPal during the online registration process. 

    If you have passed registration and are sending a payment directrly (if we registred you manually and now you simply need to submit a payment) please visit the Be Involved Tab on the website. Choose to "Contribute to a Journey Member" and complete the form on the right hand side of the page. You are completing a "donate" form and will simply put the name of the person or allocation to where your funds are going. Confirm you are not a robot! Then submit for a paypal payment. You will need to enter your creidt card information, and will also receive a receipt. If you do not receive a receipt, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as your payment may not be completed. 

  • What if I cancel my Service Journey? +

    Should you withdraw from a Service Journey for any reason, your deposit may be applied to another Journey (or internship) of your choice, to be used by you (the person originally registered) within 12 months from the original departure date. Deposits are transferable only to another Journey for the named individual. If you cancel your Journey within 45 days prior to travel and after your final balance has been paid, no funds will be transferred. 

    *Please note, if you have fundraised and received donations for a Service Journey donors will not receive a refund. Your donors' funds will be applied to that Journey and the community projects. They will still receive a tax-donation receipt. 

  • What if led2serve cancels my Service Journey? +

    In the event led2serve ever had to cancel a Service Journey, all of your funds will be refunded or transfered to a future Journey. led2serve does not reimburse if you have purchased flights. Cancellations may occur due to the team size, terrorism, civil unrest, natural or man-made disasters, wide-spread illness, pandemic or other extraordinary events. You will have 24 months to join another Service Journey and apply your Journey Fees paid.

  • Do I need a passport? +

    Yes, a valid passport is required for all international journeys. Your passport must be valid six months beyond your return date. You should have at least two free pages for entry and exit stamps. Visit www.travel.state.gov/passport for more information.

  • How many people can I expect to be on my Service Journey? +

    Depending on the location of your Service Journey, you can expect anywhere from 10-20 team members!  Some have more, some have less. 

  • Why is a deposit due for some Journeys? +

    led2serve begins planning projects and logistics of Journeys as soon as you register. The deposit not only reserves your spot on a Service Journey, it demonstrates your comittment to the Service Journey. Your registration is not complete without a deposit. Please be certain you are committed to a Service Journey before you register and pay your deposit!

  • When is my final payment expected? Are there late fees? +

    All Journey fees must be paid in full prior to the Service Journey departure date! Your Journey Leader will let you know far in advance of the exact due date for your Journey and this will be clearly communicated to you or whomever is reponsbile for the teams payment.

    All Journey fees paid after the established due date will have an additional $75.00 late fee p/p unless other arrangements are made in advance! 

  • Can I join a Service Journey from anywhere? +

    Yes! This is one of the many reasons we provide Service Journeys without flight and transportation costs included. You may want to use your frequent flier miles. Journey members can join us from anywere in the world. Please let us know if we can assist you with your travel plans.  

  • Do you perform background checks? +

    Yes. All led2serve Journey Team and Project Leaders have completed a background check. We reserve the right to conduct checks on all Journey Team Members. Routinely members who join national and international journeys (not one day events) will be asked to complete the proper forms. Background checks are done via the internet.

  • I need to bring a Donation Luggage to Costa Rica? +


    Each member of a Service Journey team traveling to Costa Rica must bring 1 donation luggage of supplies (per person, not family). This luggage is collected from the driver when you arrive and is placed in your team storage area. You must mark your bag with your last name. Your bag will be returned to you, emptied, for your travel home. You may also donate the entire piece of luggage if you choose. Below is a list of supplies which have been requested from our community partners. We strive to bring items which are needed, so please only bring items requested below. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any questions.  Also, visit the list on the website under "donate and support" for a list of current times for your trip which will be collected.

    Please note, that only the items requested will be donated.  Do not fill a bag full of other times that you hvae as they will not be donated in-country.  We only collect what we are asked for partnering locations. Other itmes may be helpful, but noto supportive of the Journey you are registered for!

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