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Corporate Donor Program

Become a Corporate Donor

Are you a corporation looking to make a community impact? We work with small and large companies to create SERVE DAYS for their employees, customize Journeys for travel as a team, and organize quarterly events for any locations you have across the USA. If you would like to learn more about our programs and how to join as a corporate donor, please contact us today.  We invite you to become our next partner!

NewFED Mortgage

NewFED is a mortgage corporation that lives up to their commitment to provide impeccable customer service. They have a solid record of showing dedication to the success of their customers. Now NewFED has partnered with Led2Serve to further fulfill their commitment to being a positive influence in their community and throughout the world at large.

New Fed in Action

NewFed is proud to support their local community and beyond. They take great pride in supporting programs and projects that encourage youth, build community, and promote education. Led2Serve will be assisting NewFED in their local communities for projects that incude feeding those in need, suppporting local homeowners, and asssiting in rebuild programs with other organizations. Below are some of the programs and initatives they help support.

Have questions about our national journeys or service journey types? Contact us today!