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Foliage Design Systems ~ Exploration Journey

The Journey

This Journey has been designed and customized for those attending the annual meeting with Foliage Design Systems. We’re creating a Journey like no other, for those with a passion for flora, fauna, Orchids, Bromeliads, and the like! This exclusive travel opportunity will incorporate serving components that support the environments (such as reforestation)!  This trip is filled with fun, adventure, and meaningful service to the communities where we travel. Your time in Costa Rica is customized, and every travel detail is arranged in advance!


We will tour you through the most stunning communities as you enjoy a Journey to remember. On your adventure days we will choose from a variety of fun options from hiking and bird watching, to visiting the coffee tours and more. There are so many exciting ways to engage in the culture of this beautiful country.


For our travel across to Monteverde we will take the Jeep-Boat-Jeep and cross the lake to the stunning cloud forest.


For the traveler who prefers stunning mountain views and being immersed in the country’s incredible biodiversity, we can customize the optional days in the country’s interior exploring rainforest and cloud forest jungle.


We’ve been traveling and serving for 9 years in Costa Rica. The connections and partnerships we have run as deep as the lake, and as long as the rivers!  Hacienda Rio Cote is a wonderful environmental project that is inviting and meaningful from the start. We will provide a hand to the farm, and hike it’s beautiful trails.


Some specialty visits while in country will be to locations that specialize in:


  • Passiflora. There are many species of this flowering vine, some producing delicious fruit.  Their flowers are especially exotic, with wide open petals and filaments resembling a crown.  If you have tasted the sweet and tart delicious passion fruit variety, you know the process of conversion from fruit to flower is worth it.
  • Bromeliads. The bromeliads that grow in Monteverde take all forms, and some are especially colorful.  They are part of the epiphyte family and they love to adhere to tree branches, helping to the create that lifeform over lifeform lushness in the forest.  The shape of their leaves also hold water where frogs like to lay their eggs.
  • Lichens. You might think, moss, what´s so special about moss?  Well it adds another layer of green to the forest, not only making it visually richer, but the freshness, the dew, the life it sustains…. look a little closer.
  • Ferns. In the Monteverde area you can see huge ferns that can shelter you from a storm, tiny ones with translucent leaves and wound up spirals that unravel into leaves and remind us of how perfect nature’s geometry is.

We take care of all details, logistics, and planning so that you, your friends, and family can travel and serve while exploring this most beautiful country. On this Journey we will enjoy a few unique tours such as:

Visiting the Orchid Garden in Monteverde http://monteverdeorchidgarden.net.

  • Monteverde Orchid Garden is a place where you will discover a collection of more than 460 species of orchids, which throughout the year we always have an average of 120 plants in bloom per day. We offer a guided tour where you will learn about the structure of the plant, their natural habitat, learn about their fragrances and some basic tips for taking care of the orchids and much more interesting facts.


We will preview of Orchimex Farm (http://www.orchimex.com).

  • Orchimex de Costa Rica offers a tour of the facilities to show visitors the orchid world, the most massive and beautiful family in the plant kingdom. Learn about orchids in general as well as practical tips on orchid care. Walking through the greenhouses you will have the opportunity to see the different type of orchid hybrids that they export around the world and the orchid collection with species of Costa Rica and from around the world.


Led by the organization’s experienced bilingual guides, this exclusive Journey tours the team in private bus. After a day of exploring the sights, relax and unwind at the world renown Baldi Hot Springs.



Quick Info

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This Journey was custom designed for 20+ people. Exclusively for Foliage Design Systems


$1,075 + flight

  • *  This includes 7 nights accommodations (hotels private lodging), all breakfasts, 5 lunches, 2 dinners, all in-country transportation, service projects, bi-lingual Journey Leader, private guide/tours.
  • * travel/medial insurance optional coverage
  • * flights separately, group pricing options


Environmental 50%
Business Industry Related 40%
Customized for team member 10%


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Hacienda Rio Cote

The Hacienda Rio Coté Project (HRC) was established in 2007 to restore and protect rainforest land adjacent to the Rio Coté National Protected Areas in Costa Rica.

HRC’s mission is to reforest and preserve land that is contiguous with existing protected areas of the Rio Coté National Forest and in effect increase the size of a pristine rainforest environment. HRC’s goal is to maintain and extend natural biodiversity, preserve watersheds, reduce erosion and river degradation, protect animal and insect habitats, and preserve the primordial beauty of the tropical rain forests for future generations.

Led2Serve is committed to the long term goals and partnership. We serve the farm through reforestation efforts, planting, tree preservation, and more. Typically we will serve on the farm for morning, hike the property, and enjoy a local meal with Duvelia, a nearby widow who makes an amazing meal for everyone and shares the story of her cheese farm!

Monteverde Birding Community

We love taking teams to the lodge to see the beauty, birds and sights of Costa Rica.

Reforestation and Environmental

We have 5 community partners in Costa Rica. On this Journey we will visit our friends and our partners in Nuevo Arenal and Santa Teresa Norte and you will design your serve projects that may include a variety of options from sports and music, to assisting to teach english lessons, helping paint, or plant a garden!



You will enjoy a stay at the Arenal Observatory Lodge and a hotel in Monteverde. Lovely accommodations in convenient locations to town and ammenities.


This Journey was designed with private bus (A/C, insured), and private guides.


Hat, sunscreen, binoculars, swimsuit, comfortable shoes, flashlight for night hikes


Arrival Day/Adventure Day

Upon arrival, you will be picked up by private transport, and taken to La Fortuna. Day two we will have a variety of adventure activities to choose from.



Day 3, 4, 5

This customized itinerary is designed just for you. We will serve on a variety of local meaningful projects, tour businesses related to floral & fauna, and have several added features.

Private Guides and Touring

As with all Led2Serve Journey, your L2S Leader will be with your team the entire trip to ensure that all details are smooth for you! Having a bi-lingual travel guide will allow you to sit back and enjoy the Journey.


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