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We are an organization that was formed to equip, inspire and mobilize all who have a desire to serve others by providing meaningful and life-changing service opportunities. 

We do this in a variety of ways...

First we have establisehd a variety of partner locations throughout the USA and Costa Rica with whom we stratigically build community with and continually visit with teams to support their community goals.

Second, we inspire individuals and teams to give of their their time, talents and resources to join one of those USA or Costa Rica Service Journeys in support of those established community partners.

Third, we coordinate all of the projects and logistical details to mobilize teams to those locations which are seemless for both the partner we serve, and the participants who join the Journey.

Simply put, we connect people with serving hearts to engage in projects that help others - with established community partners.


Information about led2serve you may want to know:


  • led2serve has no political affiliations.
  • led2serve is a non-profit 501(c)(3) in the U.S. We are a public charity.
  • Journey Members pay for their expenses through Journey Fees.
  • Portions of Journey Fees may be tax-deductible for U.S. residents.
  • led2serve donates a portion of Journey Fees to community partners and projects.
  • A Journey Team Leader accompanies every Service Journey.
  • Our Executive Director/CEO is always available to answer your questions.


Our motto "Serving without Boundaries" means that all people are welcome to join any Service Journey. We have one requirement: A Heart to Serve. Your age, gender, personal or religious beliefs, skill levels, marital or personal status are not of concern when it comes to serving others and joining a Service Journey with us.


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Future Journeys

Jan 28th - Jan 28th
SaturdayServe, Ronald McDonald House
2201 Alden Rd., Orlando, FL 32803
Mar 19th - Mar 24th
Alternative Spring Break, DC (FULL)
Washington, DC
Apr 28th - Apr 28th
SaturdayServe, Ronald McDonald House
2201 Alden Rd., Orlando, FL 32803
Jun 24th - Jul 1st
The Costa Rican Journey
Nuevo Arenal, Costa Rica
Jul 1st - Jul 8th
The Costa Rican Journey
Nuevo Arenal, Costa Rica
Jul 30th - Aug 4th
Kayak & Serve ~ The Key Largo Adventure
Key Largo, Florida
Sep 11th - Sep 13th
Southwind Adventure ~ ASA (7th)
Ocala, Florida


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